Feeds & Pet Food


The Feed Barn carries a wide variety of national brand pet foods and supplies. When you drop by our store, be sure to discuss your pets needs with our highly qualified pet care specialists. They are always available to provide you with knowledgeable information right of this use picture of food. 

We have crates, animal health, toys, clothing, collars, leashes. Grooming products, flea products, worming, products and much more. Keep your pet healthy and happy. Our selection of pet gift items includes everything from figurines and books to pillows and cards. We also have personalized pet memorials to remember your faithful friend.

Please refer to the following links for some of the quality brands of pet foods that we carry:

Natural pet foods,
California Natural,

Health wise - www.naturapet.com
Purina - exclusive- www.purinutrition.com ,
Nutro - www.nutroproducts.com ,
Chicken Soup - www.chickensoupforthepetloverssoul.com ,
Hills Science Diet - www.hillspet.com

Avoid nutritional deficiencies and aid healthy growth with feeds that are complete and balanced for the recommended birds.
 Learn how to build a better horse with our horse feed products.
 Provide the nutrition needed to meet your goals and achieve winning results - feed Show Chow small Tm.
 Everything you need to know on feeding and caring for your rabbit.
 Attract a Yard Full of Colorful Birds small TM
 Diet contains all the nutrients needed by the animal at all life stages. No supplementation is necessary.
 For healthy deer with huge antlers, feed Deer Chow with AntlerMax Technology!
 Exclusive - Superior Nutrition for Exceptional Pets. Fresh chicken or lamb as the ingredient. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
 Research Proven for Health & Vitality fo all breeds of goats.
 Cattle Nutrition, featuring the 4-Square program for lifestage feeding solutions.
 Grab a cold, tall glass of milk & take a look at what we offer.